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Your Tattoo Deserves an Extensive Design Process

When you choose a tattoo, you invest in a lifetime of enjoyment. That’s why we offer a comprehensive design process to ensure you get the tattoo you have always dreamed of having. Our artists prefer to create a custom design incorporating your ideas and tailoring the design to fit and flow with your body.

The cost of your tattoo session includes one layout design uniquely created for you. We believe it’s essential that you be completely satisfied with your tattoo design. Therefore, you can view and offer feedback on your design during a design review meeting before the day of your session. Your tattoo session includes one round of edits to your tattoo design.

All tattoo designs are unique, just as your body is unique. We offer additional design services for those who prefer extra reassurance that the design will fit their body. These services include multiple designs, photo visualizations, and even 3-dimensional (3-D) modeling of your tattoo design. 

Siren Rose-46

Multiple Designs

If you are debating locations, size, or colors, your artist will create several designs for an additional fee. The extra designs will enable you to compare how the different choices will affect your final tattoo design.

Photo Visualizations

We highly recommend photo visualizations for any cover-up scenario. A photo visualization will give you confidence that the new design will successfully cover your old tattoo.

3-Dimensional Modeling

3-D modeling is strongly recommended for any large-scale project, such as a sleeve, a full-front or back piece, or bodysuit. 3-D modeling guarantees that every aspect of tattoo design is carefully planned out and customized to fit your body.

We Want You Thrilled!

Like your tattoo design, our design services can be adjusted to fit your unique needs. If you are interested in any additional design services, please let us know.

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