Preparing For Your Tattoo

The Perfect Tattoo - From Idea to A Gorgeous Illustration

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First, take a look at our artists’ portfolios. Choose an artist who works in a style similar to the tattoo you’ve imagined for yourself. Then, schedule a free consultation with that artist. The two of you will meet for 15-30 minutes to brainstorm your design ideas, the size of the tattoo, and its placement. If you are interested in a cover-up tattoo, your artist will need to see your current tattoo and assess whether a new one can cover it. A deposit will be required to book your tattoo appointment and retain our design services.

Design Services

Following the consultation, your preferred artist will create one layout design for your tattoo. Multiple design options, 3-D modeling, and photo visualizations are available for an added charge to ensure you feel entirely comfortable about the design and placement on your body. The artist will show you the design before the day of tattooing, and you’ll have the opportunity to offer feedback.

Our Design Services page has more detailed information.

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On the Day of your Tattoo

For the most enjoyable tattoo experience, we recommend getting a good night’s sleep and avoiding consuming excess alcohol the night before and the day of your tattoo. Eat a healthy breakfast and stay hydrated. Allow plenty of time to arrive at the studio and find parking, which can be scarce during summer. 

Please see our FAQs for important information on clothing, avoiding numbing creams, and other recommendations.


Your new tattoo will need special care for the first few weeks. If you plan on getting a tattoo while on vacation, you’ll want to plan ahead, as it must stay out of the sun, pools, hot tubs, and lakes. 

There are various aftercare products, and your artist will recommend the best one for you and your new tattoo. The studio carries Tattoo Lovers Care products, including soap, salve, cream, and sunscreen to protect your tattoo. Long-term care for your tattoo, mainly through sunscreen, ensures that it will retain its beautiful color in the future.

See our FAQs for additional information on caring for your tattoo in the first weeks and protecting it for the future.

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Feeling Inspired?

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