Sam Dustin

Owner – Artist – Extraordinaire

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Sam Dustin

Pronouns: She/Her and They/Them

Master Artist

Preferred Style: Painterly Realistic

Sam Dustin is a long-term local artist in the nautical town of South Haven, MI. She has been a professional artist for over 25 years. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree with a double major in Fine Art and Graphic Design, Sam began tattooing in 2010. Instantaneously, she fell in love with the medium and tattoo culture.

In recent years, Sam has been pushing the boundaries of botanical, animal, and nature-scape tattoos. Her work takes on a painterly realistic style fit for any cutting-edge leader who desires thoughtful planning to make their visions come true.

Tattooing has allowed her to travel while making art for unique and adventurous clients. She welcomes clients from inside and outside the Great Lakes Region by offering full-day and back-to-back sessions. Please check out her upcoming travel and convention dates.  

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Upcoming Event Dates

  • Hell City, Phoenix, Arizona August 23rd to 25th
  • Evergreen, Hillsboro, Oregon, September 6-8, 2024
  • Grand Rapids Tattoo Festival, Grand Rapids, Michigan, October 25th-27th